Current Projects

Well-being for adults with learning disabilities 

Since 2008, we have been running two music-making workshops every Wednesday for adults with learning difficulties and autism in Finsbury Park’s Art Club. Our service users come to us from Hoffmann Foundation for Autism, Hillgreen Care Homes, Haringey Day Opportunities, Centre 404. The workshops are an hour long and are held every Wednesday from 11-12 am and from 1-2 pm.


Well-being for the Elderly

Since January 2013, we have been running music-making workshops with the elderly in the London Borough of Hillingdon. This project started in partnership with Hillingdon Council health promotion team and elderly services. Many but not all of our service users suffer from varying degrees of dementia or physical impairment.

Since the start of the project we have held regular sessions at many homes and centres across the borough, including at: Grassy Meadow day centre, Poplar Farm day centre, Sibley Court, Cottesmore House, Childs Court and Yiewsley Court.

The current phase of the project is funded by Hillingdon Community Trust and we are currently running regular weekly sessions as Asha day centre, Mandela Court, Orwell Close and Triscott House.

In order to ensure sustainability of our project, we are committed to training the care staff so that they can run sessions for the benefit of their service-users, independently of us. In order to achieve this aim we also allocate part of the funding we receive towards the purchase of instruments for each centre. We are very proud that at Sibley Court and Cottesmore House, the staff helped by some fantastic volunteers have successfully continued to run the workshops every week since our formal sessions with them have ended. May they long continue and excel.


Project with the Alzheimer’s Society

We are currently running weekly music-making sessions in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society at the Templeton day centre in Hillingdon. Most of the service-users are suffering from early-on-set dementia and have varying levels of ability but to our delight we are seeing tremendous improvements in their level of engagement and enjoyment of the sessions from week to week.


Project with Age UK

We are currently running regular weekly music-making workshops at one of Age UK’s venues at Orwell Close. The sessions are very well attended and enormous fun. We hope to expand our partnership with Age UK in the near future.


Cavendish Primary School, Chiswick

After a very successful performance on bonfire night 2014, we are very pleased to be invited back to run another after-school drumming club at Cavendish Primary School. We are working towards another performance with the children at the end of October 2015.